Our next normal. What comes after quarantine?

I’ve spent a little time reflecting the past few days about what comes next for my family and I after this quarantine is over.  I have two small children, and every decision I make carries a great deal of weight. It strikes me that I’m sure most of you are contemplating some of the same things, andContinue reading “Our next normal. What comes after quarantine?”

Remote Interviewing 101

Hi Friends, I hope all is well, and that you’re all staying home and staying well.  As I write this blog post, I am sitting at home in my living room on a Tuesday morning.  My husband is working downstairs in our man-cave/work-out room/office, and like many of you we are managing our lives differentlyContinue reading “Remote Interviewing 101”

Covid-19 Pandemic News- Companies Hiring Right Now!

by Carla Jallo March 23, 2020 (Last Updated 3/25/2020) #nowhiring #covid19jobs #eosjobs #immediatehire Hi there, I’ve been working to compile a list of companies who are hiring IMMEDIATELY.  This is going to be a working document, so I’ll continue to update it as I hear of more companies in need of workers for immediate hire.  Therefore,Continue reading “Covid-19 Pandemic News- Companies Hiring Right Now!”

86’D… Transitioning Out of the Restaurant Business

As I sit here and compose this blog post, I’m listening to yet ANOTHER news report on how the restaurant industry is getting hit HARD right now during this Covid-19 pandemic.  As a former restaurant employee in another life, I recognize how hard it is for restaurant employees to lose a job, or to evenContinue reading “86’D… Transitioning Out of the Restaurant Business”